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I’m Landon T. Stewart, raised in Camden, AR, and now a resident of Bearden, AR. My wife is Lauren and we have two daughters. Aside from copy, I also write fiction. Storytelling is the number one skill I have to offer you.

I became an insurance agent in early 2018 and worked for Farmers Insurance, Aflac, USA Benefits Group, National Insurance Benefits Coordinators, and Ideal Concepts. I sold auto, home, business, life, and health policies.

From Medicare to specialty insurance on hard-to-insure dwellings, I have a vast knowledge on insurance in Arkansas, how it works, why it’s necessary, and what to do when it’s time for your customers to file a claim.

While I no longer sell insurance, I still have a passion for it and I want to continue helping in the insurance industry. Through updating web content to managing social media, writing blog posts and articles, even white papers to educate your customers and video scripts to advertise your services, my mission is to help you, the agent, tackle your marketing.

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